Isolani per caso

Milazzo and its Fortified Citadel

Messina, On the road with "Le Isolane"

"U Liotru", symbol of the "ever-blooming" city

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Touching Art at the Tactile Museum of Catania

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Sciacca and its people, guardians of ancient traditions

agrigento, On the road with "Le Isolane"

Origins of 'Mbriulata, a typical Milenese dish

Did you know that ...?, Tasting Sicily

Whoever finds a Sicilian finds a treasure!

Did you know that ...?



Who we are

Life always reserves good opportunities … you just need to know how to seize them!

Sitting at a table and with a glass of wine in hand, joking like good friends about the desire to change our lives and make our dreams come true, we, therefore, began to fantasize about what we could have done when we grew up.

And so, from a simple game, we started planning our future, transforming our desire for traveling around the world into the will of making the most authentic Sicily known through our eyes.


Set up in October 2019, Isolani per Caso is a portal of tourist services related to experiential tourism aimed at single travelers, families, and small groups. A different way to talk about Sicily and its traditional beauties, mainly focusing on small villages, Sicilian hinterland towns that make it even more unique, transforming the traveler into an “islander”: where customs and traditions become an integral part of the journey and the heart is its destination.

Thanks to our portal, the traveler will be able to independently build his own journey, his own experience in Sicily, but above all, he will have the opportunity to understand that everything speaks of us and of the emotions that can be felt living like a true local.

Nascìu di sira e fu ppi casu
e propriu pi chissu si chiamau “Isolani pi casu”
Nascìu ppi parrari di suli, terra e mari
e di tuttu chiddu ca a nostra terra rinesci a fari n’fucari.

Parrannu di vecchi e antichi emozioni
si vivi la bedda Sicilia in tutti i so tradizioni,
picchi sulu cu l’amuri si vidi cu su i veri Isolani
pi poi trasfurmarisi in siciliani.

E non cunta nenti di unni veni,
ma chiddu ca cunta è chiddu ca teni.

E si quannu ti nni vai intra u to cori “l’isolani” porterai,
voli diri ca ‘n pocu di terra sicula no munnu spargerai.

Le Isolane

Le isolane

On the road with “Le Isolane”

Milazzo-Roccavaldina-Pilone Messina Isolani per caso (20)

Milazzo and its Fortified Citadel

Today we set out to discover new destinations and this time we move to the extreme northern tip of eastern Sicily, to learn about the stories and traditions of the province of Messina.
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