A dive in the past signed Alfa Romeo

A dive in the past signed Alfa Romeo

A dive in the past signed Alfa Romeo

Isolane “on the road” aboard sparkling vintage cars

It seemed like an eternity had passed since our last adventure as “Isolane” and we were looking forward to resuming our discovery of new designations and experiences. So, we did not hesitate for a moment when we were asked to take a ride in a vintage car, thus taking a leap into the past.
Just enough time to organize the logistics and here we are catapulted into the fabulous 1960s, driving 3 convertible spiders with sparkling colours of green, orange and deep red: a dream!

Obviously, to fully live the experience we decided to act the part and transform ourselves into divas for a day wearing light clothes, scarves, flaming red lipstick and Audrey Hepburn glasses. So much so that during a technical break, passersby asked us if we were shooting a commercial!

Saturday afternoon of the Sicilian phase 3 post-COVID. A sunny and equally windy afternoon, which makes you want to be outdoors and breathe deeply. Here we go! We can’t wait to start our adventure “on the road.

We meet our host and leave from Linguaglossa towards Etna, with our 3 wonderful convertible vintage cars. You can imagine the looks from the most curious “locals” watching as these vintage cars speed past them (so to speak) with “foreigners” aboard. Among other things, for the occasion, we thought it well to involve two exceptional guests, a wonderful couple, who gave the experience a touch of liveliness and love, which as you now know we like so much!

Leaving the town we drove up the hairpin bends that lead to the mountains, a special place for us, kissed by the sun and caressed by a light sparkling breeze, full of smells from the surrounding forest: a breathtaking view full of contrasts, of colors, from the intense green of the pines and beeches to the brown of the undergrowth, to the blue of the sky sprinkled here and there by some white clouds. And suddenly “Idda“, majestic, alive, captivating, with its soft curves and at the same time angular lines, as black as the most seductive night … Etna!

Every time you find yourself in front of it, you are enchanted by it, even we Sicilians, and every time it is as if it were the first.

Drunk with life, with air, with light, with laughter from the happy company, we take advantage of this natural setting to take some shots and immortalize the wonderful images of an unconventional day.

But the excitement does not end here! Imagine mother Etna in front of us and behind us, a glimpse of the sea nestled between the villages of the plains, and think about the possibility of moving from the sea to the mountain in just a few hours!

An afternoon between mountain and sea, between past and present, between friends and family, full of wonderful emotions!

Returning to the village at the end of our car ride, as good Sicilians, we happily stop at a small restaurant in the center of the village of Linguaglossa to have an aperitif at sunset, toasting to the beautiful things and the many wonders to discover together with the Isolane.

We are ready for a new experience… and you?

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