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Sitting at a bar having a few glasses of wine, almost for fun we found ourselves throwing down many ideas and a business plan that gave life to our project, whose cornerstone is our desire to travel. So we said to ourselves – “Why don’t we share our passion with those who want to visit our land, showing the authentic Sicily through our eyes, offering tailor-made experiences and services?”

And this is how our wonderful adventure began at the end of 2019 ..

We are three friends eager to get back into the game, three true Sicilians, three professionals, dynamic, enterprising, passionate, with a deep knowledge of the territory, of Sicilian customs and traditions to share with travelers who are constantly looking for emotions and new places to explore.

What is the goal of Isolani per caso? Promote Sicily by offering the travelers the opportunity to build their own stay independently, feeling even if briefly true Sicilians, entering into a close relationship with the “locals”


Isolani per Caso is a tourist services company that operates at a regional level and acts as an intermediary tool in the sale of single services through a portal aimed at individual customers, families and small groups, up to a maximum of 15 people.

The segment we are interested in is relational tourism, through which we have the opportunity to show Sicily in its traditional beauties, but also to enhance the uncovered destinations, small villages, towns of the Sicilian hinterland that make it even more unique, transforming the traveler in a true islander: where habits, customs and traditions become an integral part of the journey and the heart is the destination.

Thanks to the multiplicity of services offered on our portal, the traveler has the opportunity to build his own trip, his own experience in Sicily, but above all he has the opportunity to understand that what we offer speaks about us and the emotions that can be experienced while living. as a true islander.

Our portal, in fact, offers the traveler the opportunity to taste the services even before having chosen them, through a travel diary – “On the road with le Isolane” – thanks to which the testimonies of what we first experienced and the emotions we felt are shared.

Insights, news, press releases, interviews telling about us and our project

Insights, news, press releases, interviews telling about us and our project

Insights, news, press releases, interviews telling about us and our project



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