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All those who directly or indirectly operate in the field of experiential tourism and who, with their own activity and services, contribute to the creation of tailor-made experiences and the promotion of the Sicilian territory, can join the network.

Therefore, the following may be affiliated, by way of example and not limited to:

  • Hotels (boutique hotels, art hotels, country resorts) and other accommodations (Bagli, agriturismi, B&B, holiday homes)
  • Farms that offer experiential opportunities
  • Villas and private houses
  • Cellars, historic houses and particular locations
  • Restaurants and meeting places with experiential activities
  • Land, sea and air transport companies
  • Car rental
  • Authorized tourist guides specialized in different areas
  • Companies of typical local products

Each affiliate must meet the requirements of the Law (where required) to carry out its activity and must comply with the methods of conduct provided for in the agreement signed with Isolani per caso.


Become a member of Isolani per caso occurs after verification of possession of all the necessary requirements to be able to join the network.

Membership can be agreed by sending a request per email to

The request will be examined by Isolani per caso, which will have the right to request all the necessary documentation for admission purposes, and will have the right not to accept applications for admission by properties and operators deemed unsuitable for lack of the necessary required standards .

Acceptance of membership will be communicated within one month of receiving the request.

In order to better carry out the promotion activity of the individual operator and of the territory in which it operates, each affiliate will be asked for an annual membership fee which, exceptionally for the first year, starting from the date of signing the agreement, will not be contemplated.

In addition to the annual fee, for the services sold thanks to Isolani per caso, members will be asked for a commission that will vary according to the type of activity proposed (from a minimum of 10% to a maximum of 25%), applied or reduced by the rate indicated for each experience. The booking of the services and their payment will be made through the portal. Subsequently Isolano per caso will pay the due fees to the operators.

The brokerage activity of Isolani per caso is to be understood as follows:

  • sale of individual experiences
  • booking of stays at the venues belonging to the network
  • bookings of seats at restaurants and establishments belonging to the network
  • transfer and car rental
  • sale of typical products
  • ticket sale
  • guide service

The payment of the contribution will take place in the following ways:

  • in case of sale of experiences, typical local products and ticketing, since the payment will be made directly through Isolani per caso, the commission will be retained by acknowledging the difference of the amount due to the partner. The fee to be applied to the sale of each experience and / or local product will be agreed in advance, unless the partner decides to provide net rates on which to apply a commission.
  • In case of reservations at partner restaurants of Isolani per caso, since the payment will be made directly on the spot, the partner will have to recognize a fee that will vary from 2 to 5 euros per person depending on the prices applied on the total amount of seats sold.
  • In the case of reservations at hotels, transfer services, car hire and other Isolani per caso partners, since the payment of the services will be made directly, the partner will have to recognize the previously agreed commission, between 10 and 20%.

The payment of the contribution deriving from the sale of the services in points b) and c) must be made within 15 days from the date of receipt of the invoice to allow Isolani per caso to be able to carry out its brokerage and promotion activities effectively and continuously over time.


Through the portal, Isolani per caso offers operators and properties belonging to the network the opportunity to increase their visibility and business opportunities. Furthermore, continuous marketing of the destination is guaranteed through various channels (digital marketing, blog magazines, support in participating in events and fairs, training and consultancy).

The activity is summarized as follows:

  • creation of an intermediary portal in the sale of experiences, services and products, taking into account a very specific target of traveler: individuals with the desire to create the trip independently using the support of the “locals”, able to propose tailor made solutions;
  • creation of specific promotional material, using new means of communication, to spread the image and knowledge of the territories and operators belonging to the network;
  • stimulating demand, especially international, through the creation of a well-defined communication plan, for the benefit of its partners, with particular attention to digital marketing;
  • organization of exploratory meetings, participation in workshops and sector fairs to encourage the meeting between national and international demand and local offer;
  • selection of facilities and services based on well-defined quality standards; incentives for professionalisation and adaptation of structures and services;
  • organization of specific training and updating courses for local operators in order to continuously improve the level of services offered;
  • investigation and monitoring of the quality perceived by customers in order to present an ever better and professional product on the international market.

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