Chiara Maria Matilde Paladino

Chiara Maria Matilde Paladino

Chiara Maria Matilde Paladino

Hello! I’m Chiara, a tour guide in love with Sicily and for me the tours are its “Beauty Experiences”!

Guide Chiara Paladino

My name is Chiara and I’m a tourist guide born in Marsala, the extreme tip of the western Sicily. I consider myself a direct expression of my homeland: I was forged by the wind, I’m animated by Phoenicians spirit, ancient people of travelers; my skin is imbued with the sea salt that is grown here and in my blood flows the famous Marsala wine.

In my vision art, culture, nature, gastronomic traditions intersect and are offered to You like particular lens to read and enjoy Sicily. And for this reason I create itineraries and storytelling which try to capture the original soul of the places.

What is a tour if not an experiential journey ?! When I am not with you around my wonderful island, I like to spend my time constantly looking for new aspects, new details; you never stop learning and I take all possible opportunities to study and improve.

Anyone who knows me or has had the opportunity to meet me recognizes in me sunshine, empathy, adaptability, versatility and I thank these people enormously for seeing and seeing such characteristics in me!

What can I say, I’m waiting for you to surprise us together!


My specialty is communicating the wealth of my land and spreading its beauty, it is a way to get to know it again through the Amazement and Interest that you manifest yourself.
I will take you to the discovery of Mazara del Vallo with its Arab Casbah, of Trapani where the blue of the sea and the red of coral are the protagonists, of Marsala where the naturalistic and archaeological richness of the Stagnone Lagoon mixes with food and wine delicacies that can be enjoyed in one of the many wine cellars.

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