Discovering Syracuse in 48h!

Discovering Syracuse in 48h!

Discovering Syracuse in 48h!

Giovanna, a young disabled girl from Catania, tells us about her two days in Syracuse between food experiences and its wonderful monuments. Sicily that welcomes you!

Without too much organization and with the desire to spend two pleasant days not too far from Catania I booked a hotel in Ortigia and spent 48 hours discovering Syracuse and the long sea of ​​Ortigia .

-DAY 1-

Thanks to the convenience of the Catania – Syracuse train in just over an hour I reach the destination and after leaving the luggage at the hotel.

Since lunchtime is an obligatory stop the area of ​​the street market food for a super sandwich filled with local delicacies from Syracusan ricotta to dried tomatoes (I’m not going to list the rest, all seasoned with a” food experience “with the sympathy and generosity of the Syracusans).

Fantastic getting lost in the streets of Ortigia , narrow streets full of shops with handcrafted objects and interesting colorful flower boutiques looking for the three most interesting historical monuments:

Piazza Duomo , the Unesco heritage Cathedral and the Church of Santa Lucia alla Badia: Doric columns of the ancient temple of Athena, around which the church itself was built.

La Fonte Aretusa , a body of fresh water located in the historic center, originating from an underground karst stratum which has the particularity of not mix with the nearby sea water; rare papyrus plants grow here, one of the only two papyrus plants in Europe. Its name derives from the mythological Arethusa who, according to legend, was spied on while she was bathing naked by the god Alfeo. To escape him, the goddess fled to the island of Ortigia where Artemis transformed it into a spring.

And finally the Castello Svevo or Castello Maniace , built in 1200 on the extreme tip of the island of Ortigia, whose purpose was to defend the city ​​and the port. Walking through the various alleys you get to Piazza della Fontana di Diana to find yourself again on the seafront from which you have a magnificent view of the city of Syracuse. A cultural melting pot between culture, history and art of our island.

After six in the afternoon it is wonderful to stop in one of the cafes on the Lungomare d’Ortigia waiting for the sunset while enjoying a cocktail and an aperitif. Before returning, we take a walk to the port for some shots of the majestic yachts. You can breathe the air of the sea, history and alleys that enclose peculiarities and unexpected views.

-DAY 2-

After having a super abundant breakfast at the hotel, we begin our tour to discover Syracuse:
Catacombs of San Giovanni, Madonna delle lacrime church, tombs of Santa Lucia and finally the archaeological park of Neapolis, located in the western part of the city, the more modern one, at the base of Colle Temenite.

Here you can admire the “latomie” (ancient stone quarries), among which the most famous is the so-called Ear of Dionysus , due to its singular ear shape, located just below the theater. The tour ends with the Roman Amphitheater.

Enchanting landscapes, an area of ​​history and culture carved in stones, super accessible places and a city suitable for everyone.

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