For love or anger

For love or anger

For love or anger

In the past our grandparents always had a proverb or saying for each daily life event

Everything was referring to mother nature that was always followed in each individual daily activity: from agriculture work to human interaction, there was an intrinsic meaning.

Even in modern days, Sicilians love to speak and use these common sayings who have been passed from generation to generation.

Do you know the saying: “Aceddu ‘nta iaggia o canta p’amuri o canta pi raggia”? It translates as: the caged bird sings for love or rage. This typically refers to women who normally were chirping waiting at home for their husbands or angrily singing because their men were late.

In some parts of Sicily the saying is slightly different:” Acceddu ‘nta iaggia non canta p’amuri ma canta pi raggia” but in this case, it means that all gossip is generated either by envy or rage.

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