Lorenzo Occhipinti and Maurizio Roccuzzo

Lorenzo Occhipinti and Maurizio Roccuzzo

Founders of the Association Kalura, Lorenzo Occhipinti and Maurizio Roccuzzo, are Environmental Hiking Guides

Environmental Excursion Guides associated with the A.I.G.A.E., Lorenzo, and Maurizio have a deep hiking and naturalistic knowledge of Sicily, where they have been conducting excursions, trekking, and travel on foot for several years.

The long experience of scouts gained since childhood has led them to deeply love the natural environment in general and that of their territory in particular by discovering, in the many paths traveled, the countless aspects that characterize it.

They put competence and knowledge of the territory at the disposal of those who want to travel the many paths of our region, in a natural environment with a historical-environmental context of great interest, respecting the places and people who live there. Their intent, in every activity they propose, consists in the possibility of participating in experience in close contact with the culture, traditions and “locals”.


Manly focused on Ragusa Area

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    Milazzo-Roccavaldina-Pilone Messina Isolani per caso (20)

    Milazzo and its Fortified Citadel

    Today we set out to discover new destinations and this time we move to the extreme northern tip of eastern Sicily, to learn about the stories and traditions of the province of Messina.
    etna donkey isolani per caso

    Donkey tour with Etna view

    Pleasant tour of the Etnean paths, on the back of beautiful donkeys, maximum expression of the true Sicilian who loves to do everything always very very slowly.
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    francesca laganà trekking 2

    Francesca Laganà

    Hello! My name is Francesca, I am an Environmental Hiking Guide associated with ASSOGUIDE

    Carmelo Nicoloso

    My name is Carmelo and I am a naturalistic guide in the Sicilian Parks, Reserves, and Naturalistic sites.
    Sonia Russo guida4

    Sonia Russo

    Hi! My name is Sonia Russo and I am a tour guide from Catania.
    Foto profilo Mario 1

    Mario Musumeci

    Hi! My name is Mario and I am a tourist guide since 1995
    Foto profilo rosario 1

    Rosario Vecchio

    Hello! My name is Rosario but I prefer to be called simply Saro. Son of Etna and Sicily, I am a tour and excursion guide.
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    In caso di attività/esperienza prenotata tramite Isolani per caso, ti ricordiamo che:
    • Il numero dei visitatori/partecipanti ammessi alle attività proposte è inferiore, rispetto a quanto normalmente previsto, al fine di evitare assembramenti
    • I partecipanti dovranno dichiarare di non aver avuto contatti con persone affette da Covid-19 nei 15 giorni precedenti all’inizio dell’attività
    • Prima dell’inizio dell’attività la temperatura corporea dovrà essere al di sotto dei 37,5°C, previa impossibilità a partecipare
    • I partecipanti dovranno essere in possesso dei dispositivi di protezione individuali obbligatori per legge, per tutta la durata dell’attività

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