Mistretta: on the Nebrodi between art, nature and traditions…second part

Mistretta: on the Nebrodi between art, nature and traditions…second part

Mistretta: on the Nebrodi between art, nature and traditions…second part

We remained at our dinner chatting and new projects…

On Sunday we get up early in the morning and are once again struck by Riccardo’s great hospitality who never stops spoiling us. Breakfast with freshly baked croissants, coffee and off to Daniela, an environmental guide who will accompany us to discover the naturalistic part of Mistretta.

After the presentations we head towards the Cuttufa Waterfalls: a journey back in time, in contact with nature, traditions and the element par excellence, water!

We begin this suggestive path between yellow and green rocks; during the walk Daniela points out the passage of some animals that inhabit this place, including several foxes. She tells us about the predominantly Mediterranean vegetation, cork trees, mandrake, cyclamens, minicucco, whose wood was used to make cow collars, lemon balm and the apple of sodom: a type of aubergine graft. And also a tuber that was used to replace potatoes, the onion, poplars and various mushrooms.

During our trekking Daniela tells us that in some moments of the day, remaining silent in the midst of nature, it is possible to hear the whistle of the Kite, see cranes, falcons and four-eyed ducks that use the waterfalls as a passage during their migration.

We continue the journey, realizing that every corner of this land hides so much history and tradition; we stop to admire the ruins of an ancient vertical mill, where there are traces of volcanic stone, brought here by sea. We stop in front of two large boulders called “Pietra Spia”, where we once hid to check on anyone coming from the neighboring valleys.

We remain completely fascinated and enraptured by the “Zu Pardo” bridge, a sixteenth-century bridge suspended 20 meters above the river that joins the ancient road axis that once linked Mistretta and Caronia.
This path had a more commercial than pastoral use, as demonstrated by the paving (rock slab) still present in a good part of the route. Thinking about how they once managed to build similar structures, so majestic and resistant, with the little equipment we used, is truly wonderful!

We leave our backpacks to continue the route, which is a little more tortuous but made simple thanks to the help of Daniela, our guide, and so in the blink of an eye we become children again among slides, rocks to climb over and jumps between one stone and another to avoid getting your shoes wet….between one laugh and another we finally arrive at the waterfall!

A ritual that we cannot give up: we take off our shoes and socks and go diving into the cold water, a real adrenaline rush that we couldn’t wait to experience, given the heat even though it is already late autumn. A few shots, a moment of rest, and we set off to reach the car again.

Returning to the center of Mistretta, we say goodbye to our guide Daniela, promising to see each other again for a new experience that we can offer to those who wish to experience and get to know the heart of Sicily.

We have a quick lunch chatting about the beautiful realities that this area offers and, after lunch, the last stop in the riding stables a few minutes from the town where we meet Matteo together with his collaborators and his mare Frida.

The contact we have with Frida is nothing short of wonderful and therapeutic: Patrizia, who has always been afraid, manages to caress her without fear, getting excited at having managed to overcome her block (let’s say that Frida with her sweetness attracted the caresses of everyone). Roberta mounts her bareback, coming into direct contact with her body, feeling her heat and breath, experiencing a priceless sensation! Daniela, you can only capture and immortalize the amazement and wonder in our faces, through the many shots and videos taken with her inseparable camera.

The time has come to return home but Riccardo wants us to have one last experience that can be enjoyed on foot or by bike.

A well-trodden path into the woods, where the greenery, the panorama across the valleys, the pure air, the silence interrupted here and there by grazing animals are truly fascinating; but the thing that surprises us most is crossing a piece of path between the wind turbines that we can admire up close, so majestic with their slow movement and the particular sound they emit as they break the air. Magic!

Reluctantly, as in all our trips, the time has come to return, we thank, say goodbye and embrace Riccardo, extraordinary host and local expert, with the hope and promise of letting travelers experience and get to know the wonderful and magical territory of the Nebrodi and in particular of Mistretta, making them become true islanders during their stay.

We are ready to live a new experience… and you?

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