Rosario Vecchio

Rosario Vecchio

Rosario Vecchio

Hi! My name is Rosario but I rather prefer to be called “Saro”. Son of Mount Etna and Sicily, I am a tour and nature guide.

“Understanding Sicily means for a Sicilian to understand himself” said Bufalino, and you know, this is a type of research that you know when it begins but you never know when it ends. Indeed, I have resigned myself to the fact that I will never stop looking for the “many Sicilies” that can be found. A continuous research that over the years has become my job.

Son of peasants, Sicilian traditions have always been my daily bread. Growing up between harvests, tomato preserves, and apple harvests on Etna, when I started studying history at the university, I spontaneously concentrated on my island … and it never ended. After graduating, almost by chance, I started working in the tourism sector, and telling about my Sicily was something that gave me tremendous satisfaction. And so here I am, to tell you not only what I read in books, but what I live and what I have experienced firsthand at the foot of Etna.

Etna, “a muntagna”, is my home. Not a volcano, but a constant presence, halfway between a friend and a mother. Here I grew up and this is the territory that belongs to me most. But all of Sicily is a treasure trove of history and stories that I can’t wait to tell you.


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