Sicilian Cannolo: amuri and sapuri

Sicilian Cannolo: amuri and sapuri

Sicilian Cannolo: amuri and sapuri

Did you know that the story of our “Cannolo Siciliano” is more intricate than it seems?

The origins of this sweet, before made only on the occasion of the carnival, then during the entire year, losing his occasional characteristic, sees different actors as protagonists.

Let’s begin with the name, probably bonded with the reeds where the waffle of the cannolo was rolled up during the XVII century. Times are too old to celebrate the carnival.

So who was the inventor of this delicacy? Probably the Saracen women that were living in the lord’s harem of the then “Qalc’at ak-Nissa“, today’s Caltanissetta.

They may have made a fusion between an Arabic recipe and a Roman one. Once the arab nomination ended, many arab women decided to convert to Christianity and went to live in monasteries, where they taught the recipe to other nuns.

So the production of the cannolo started during the carnival. Since we can assume this story is the truth, we can tell that Caltanissetta is the city where our sweet was ideated.

Ingredients for about 30 cannoli:


Flour 00: 250g
Sugar: 30g
Lard: 30g
Marsala: 50g
Eggs: 1
White wine vinegard: 10g
Fine salt: A pinch
Orange peel: 1
Cinnamon powder: 2g


Sheep ricotta: 1kg
Sugar: 300g
Dark chocolate chips: enough

For Brushing

Egg yolks: enough

For Frying

Seed oil: 1l

For Garnishing

Powdered sugar: enough
Pistachio grains: enough
Candied orange: enough


To prepare the cannoli, drain the fresh ricotta in a colander for one night, so that it loses its serum. The preparation of the dough is simple: in a bowl dissolve the salt in vinegar. Sift the flour and add the cinnamon. Then add the lard and begin to knead with your hands, then pour the sugar, flavored with orange peel, and add the egg and marsala. At this point, pour the vinegar and begin to knead by hand and transfer to a lightly floured pastry board to form a dough that must be covered with film and put in the fridge for two hours. While waiting, take the ricotta and add the sugar, mix well with a spatula, and pass the cream in a colander to get a smooth mixture to which add the chocolate chips.
Cover with plastic wrap and leave in the fridge.
At this point, simply roll out the dough with the dough sheeter, and fold it so that the flaps join and pass between the rollers decreasing the thickness to reach 1.5 mm thick. Now, cut out the dough discs and wrap them around the cannoli mold, brush them with very little yolk, and close them so that they seal well. Gradually lay down the cannoli and cover them with a cloth. They are now ready to be dipped in seed oil at 175, until golden. Drain them on fried paper, leave them with ricotta, garnish with ricotta and candied orange, and voila, your cannoli are ready to be enjoyed.

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