The City of 24 Barons

The City of 24 Barons

The City of 24 Barons

A journey through the wonderful countryside of the Sicilian hinterland

For the summer solstice, we decide to leave for Nicosia, located in the province of Enna, in the wonderful countryside of the Sicilian hinterland.

Nicosia, in the heart of Sicily, is a small town that intertwines the city center and the countryside as if it were one: walking through the streets of the city you cross an ancient historic center rich in artistic heritage, numerous churches inside which valuable works of art are housed, several cave sites and beautiful baronial houses, from which Nicosia takes the name “the city of 24 Barons”.

Our journey in search of emotions begins with Luigi who hosts us in his home making us feel part of the family. After a good coffee, we set off to discover its estate. Its 44 hectares of land shows us the beauty of the wheat fields, in their fluorescent golden yellow, a corner of paradise in which to dive, we meet horses free to gallop, a small herd of Girgentane goats, with long horns coiled in a spiral, with a curious and intelligent sweet face. These goats risked extinction, but today they have become precious for their docile character and for their milk, with a delicate, highly digestible taste that lends itself well to the production of excellent cheese.

Inevitably we to get to know these wonderful and elegant goats up close who, while continuing to graze, meet us curiously and, like divas, let themselves be caressed and photographed. But in the distance, our curiosity is attracted by three small ponies and a little goat, who since birth has identified itself with them so much so that it thinks itself a pony too. So, instead of going to pasture, it remains with the ponies even threatening his fellow goats with its horns when they try to get close. We resume our jeep ride to visit a family of 5 donkeys that swarm continuously and roll around on the ground to cool off a bit: a real therapy for body and soul, because they allow themselves to be caressed and photographed, happy to be the center of attention.

In the afternoon, we visit some local realities including a craft brewery of two young Nicosian boys, who have decided to invest in their homeland, rather than bringing their skills elsewhere. After pleasantly listening to the various fermentation processes, we taste one of the different types of beers, produced with genuine and almost entirely local raw materials, definitely worth trying again! After a good glass of beer, we jump to the dairy where the aroma of cheese is intoxicating. In these places, you can breathe the authenticity and rural tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation. But our day is not over yet and a dip in the past through the streets of Nicosia awaits us. Stories, narratives, and anecdotes bring us back to its ancient origins, leaving us enchanted.

Sunday, we dedicate our day to Sperlinga, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, visiting the majestic castle highly considered among the castles of Italy, entirely carved out of the rock whose construction dates back to the period between the end of the 11th century and early 12th century. From above you can enjoy a breathtaking view, the expanses of valleys on one side and the castle walls on the other. A magical place where time stands still, and where each piece of rock tells of ancient stories in which legends have been handed down for centuries. But Sperlinga, whose name derives from the Greek spelonca”, that is the cave, is also characterized by small houses carved out of the rock, some of which are still inhabited and so we complete our tour with a stroll through its cave caves… Absolutely magic!

An intense weekend, during which, the contact with nature, history, tradition, and culture, we are able to savor what Sicily is able to give to the 5 senses of the most curious!!!

We are ready for a new experience … and you?

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