Whoever finds a Sicilian finds a treasure!

Whoever finds a Sicilian finds a treasure!

Are you curious to know what does it mean to be “Sicilians”?

We islanders, we often are influenced by the proximity to the sea, by Mount Etna, by the seasons that change everything that is in nature, taking the time needed. This is the reason why in Sicily the password is “slowness“. Time does not exist here and is marked according to one’s own pace and needs. For example, if you ask an islander, “At what time will we meet?“, most of the time he will reply “Around 10 – 10.30″, but rest assured that it will never arrive before noon. It is the “Around..” that makes the difference! But if we are used to all this, so much so that we hardly notice it anymore, it must be said that even the visitors manage to forgive our lightness; because the wait will always be filled with kindness, friendship, altruism, welcome, hospitality that only an islander can give.

In fact, if a traveler were to get lost and ask for information, rest assured that an islander will not only give the requested information, trying to make himself understood by gestures where he does not speak the language of his interlocutor but will accompany him to the final destination. And in that journey towards the goal, the traveler will experience something that he will never forget. From that moment he will become a true islander, discovering secrets, places that only the locals know, and, above all, friendship, which in many cases will last over time.

Another characteristic of Sicilians is “ chatting “, we certainly do not lack that! We talk, talk to whoever comes within range, we can find anecdotes for any topic. But the thing that characterizes us most is that of gesturing and speaking out loud! Gesturing is essential for us, because it gives more tone to words, emphasizing everything we say. And it’s also a way to communicate with foreigners and make yourself understood even when it would be really impossible. The elderly are masters of communicating with gestures. You will never find an elderly person who cannot make himself understood by a traveler, whatever his nationality! And what about “Speaking aloud“, in Sicilian dialect “Ittari uci“, of the series “who does not see us, hears us!

We talk aloud, we gesticulate, we are eternal laggards but for sure with Sicilians, guests will have unique experiences feeling special, loved, and pampered all the time during their stay!

Photo source: pixabay and Isolani per caso

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